Test: Placement and Progress

All Bond Blocks Test related documents featured on this webpage are provided upon purchase as electronic downloads.  Once payment has been processed these are added to the purchasing drpaulswan account. If you have purchased through one of our resellers, they will provide the electronic test related downloads.

In addition to this a hard copy of the test documents are located in the “Bond Blocks Support Book: Implementation, Assessment and Monitoring”. All support books are packaged inside the Core Intervention Kit.

Use the Bond Blocks Test to identify specific areas of difficulty. Begin Bond Blocks activities at the relevant chapter based on the student’s results.

Readminster to track progress over time.

Students reflect on what they need to learn and set specific goals related to chapters of Bond Blocks activities using the Student Reflection and Goal Setting sheet. 

Use the PowerPoint to help adminster the test consistently to all students. The PowerPoint reads each question to the student, freeing the teacher to observe and record student responses. 

Track every student in your schoool, over time, to ensure progress and inform decision making using the Excel Results and Tracking Tool

Excel Results and Tracking Tool Tips

  • Download then save one copy of the file per Year Level.  File > Save As. This will help admin monitor year level cohorts. Class teachers can sort data by Column D “Class” to access their student list.
  • The Excel sheets need to be unprotected in order to highlight rows and sort. File > Cells > Format > Unprotect Sheet. This will need to be done for each sheet.