"Bond Blocks are a fantastic maths program for homeschooling kids and parents! It is easy to understand and to get started and provides everything you need for a truly ‘open and go’ program for early maths or, as in my case, for kids who have struggled with learning and retaining maths and may have ‘gaps’ from school learning for whatever reason. Unlike other 'open and go’ or scripted programs it's really not too ‘wordy’ to read and follow or too overwhelming as the supporting videos cover everything you need quickly. It's easy to just watch the video yourself or to watch together with your kids. The games are fun and engaging and the maths concepts that the kids learn they actually remember because they’re using physical, natural materials (learning by ‘doing’). The blocks are beautiful to use and also really great for ‘visual kids’ because they don’t have the added distraction of colour or the ability to ‘count’ little sections- it really is just all about the maths! For parents who aren’t super confident about teaching maths ’the right way’, this program gives all of the support you need- right down to the best words to say when teaching to help avoid confusion in maths later. My kids are now onto more challenging maths but we still refer to our Bond Blocks because they’re a great foundation for understanding the harder concepts-like algebra. I can highly recommend using Bond Blocks for home learning!"
Rachel W.
Homeschooler of two kids for 3 years
"After implementing the Bond Block program with my Year 6 support students, I saw a notable improvement in student confidence and capability in the mainstream classroom. My students were excited and confident to apply what they had learned in the support lesson to the Year 6 curriculum taught in class. It was very rewarding to see them tackling more challenging problems with eagerness. I highly recommend this program to assist students in upper primary in accessing the curriculum more effectively."
Tayla W.
Year 6 Classroom Teacher
"The activities are prescriptive, quick and easy with few materials required. The students particularly like the partner games throughout the program. I was surprised how quickly I saw student progress. It was obvious in their speed and accuracy. The wooden blocks are the genius element of this program - so simple yet effective. The children can see, touch and manipulate the numbers and see them in relation to each other. I would highly recommend this resource for every K-6 teacher. It is applicable for intervention and core teaching."
Amanda H.
Intervention Teacher
“It’s fun. The blocks are made out of wood with numbers on. You get to build a wall, it’s tricky at first but quite fun when you complete it. I’ve learnt my number bonds of 10, 8, 5, 7, and 6. It wasn’t hard to learn because the activities are games”