2024 Update

What’s new for 2024

Based on feedback, the two original Counting Kit boxes (Bond Blocks Counting to 10, Bond Blocks Counting to 20) first released in 2022 now have a single kit replacement / second edition called the Bond Blocks Counting to 10 & 20 Kit that combines the two and adds an additional 63 activity boards and teacher resources.

Why did you make this change?

  1. Changes in curriculum from Australian Curriculum 8 to 9 required changes in the structure of the Counting Kit.
  2. Teachers told us that they much preferred the Bond Blocks Core Kit for Addition & Subtraction in style, ease-of-use and setup.
  3. Feedback told us that schools wanted the same depth of teaching resources as the Core Kit (tests, planners, tools and videos) for Counting.

What has been added?

The 2024 Counting to 10 & 20 Kit is now a single combined kit that also has many new A3 teacher-led activity boards and videos presenting the boards (releasing over time). We also have new Planners, Curriculum coverage documents, a Screening Test, and new Exploratory Play activities now in addition to the original Guided Play Cards.

The professional learning (previously available separately for $450) is now included in the box and further differentiations have been added! This version of the kit also includes printable PDFs of every activity board, the equivalent product for the Core Kit was $550. This licence to print applies to the whole school for as many copies as required.

Full list of changes and additions:

  • (NEW) Screening Test,
  • (NEW) Planners,
  • (NEW) Skills Checklists (Tier 1, 2 and 3),
  • (NEW) Video Modelled Activities (on bondblocks.com)
  • (NEW) 46 × A3 boards in 5 plastic wallets
  • (NEW) 17 × Exploratory Play cards in a plastic wallet
  • (Updated) 128 × Guided Play A4 cards in 4 plastic wallets
  • (NEW) Printable PDF and School Licence Included
  • (Now Included inside Kit) Professional Learning Course

Can I see samples?

Samples are available at www.bondblocks.com, part way down the homepage.

How do I proceed?

You can either:

  1. Use your first edition kits as you have been (they are still good as-is) or,
  2. Upgrade.

Upgrade Routes

  • We are providing schools that had the Standard Kit with School Licence (ebooks) version of the kits with free downloads of the new, upgraded and additional materials. The relevant drpaulswan.com.au item codes for this are DPS5010-pes and DPS5020-pes. See next section on the how-to.
    • Note: This version of the kit was never available through MAWA or Abacus, there is no need to contact them about the downloads.
  • If your school only had the Standard Kit (no eBooks) SKU: DPS5010 or DPS5020 then we can offer a reduction in price on the 2024 Counting Kit by removing the blocks. Contact orders@drpaulswan.com.au for that (details may change if you purchased through MAWA or Abacus).

We had the Original Kits with a School Licence: What now?

Send me an easy physical upgrade package:
  • Purchase the discounted upgrade package from here (includes all activity boards). You may be asked for a proof-of-purchase of the original kits.
    • This package includes the PL, making it a very good deal if you didn’t have it before.
    • Take a moment to check the resourcing requirements listed in the description of the upgrade item.
  • take the Bond Blocks from your first edition kit and put them with the upgrade that arrives.
  • Recycle the original Guided Play cards, or use them for basic play activities.
  • You can use the cubes with the new kit as spares (make sure you will have enough, see upgrade product page).
  • Recycle the original book, as it will only be of limited use for its parts on research and pedagogy as the implementation parts of the book have been changed in the new version to support the additional activities and changes in curriculum.
(free option) Upgrading from the digital package we got for schools that had the original Standard Kit with School Licence:
  • The downloadable files should be on your Drpaulswan “my account” page.
  • The original A4 Guided Play Activity Cards can be re-labelled with the new order (click for how-to guide).
  • -OR- print new Guided Play cards.
  • Print the new Exploratory Play Cards
  • Print the new A3 Activity Boards
  • Print (or otherwise share with your teachers) the new books
  • Place all the new planners and docs in a file on your school intranet

We only had the physical cards/books  or got the kit from a reseller

  • drpaulswan.com.au purchasers contact orders@drpaulswan.com.au.
  • Abacus purchasers (of any original kit): contact orders@drpaulswan.com.au with your Abacus invoice for the original kit(s), they have negotiated a special upgrade box.
  • Others: Get in contact with orders@drpaulswan.com.au, we offer small discounts to first edition buyers.

Download Centre

For Kits purchased from Drpaulswan.com.au:

The files look like this in your drpaulswan account:

Bond Blocks Counting to 10 & 20 Kit (2024 Edition)

Bond Blocks Core Kit (2024 Edition)

The Core Kit for 2024 will include the Activity Board PDFs by default.