24) Addition

Five Plus Bonds: Building a Wall

24.1 Addition Building A Wall


Develop the fluency verbalising 6,7,8 and 9 as five plus bond addition equations.


  • addition as “add”
  • “equals”
  • part-part-whole


A little easier

Represent five plus bonds with fingers

Instruct students who experience difficulty to make the amount using their fingers in a subitised way. One hand must be the part of 5.

Counting order

Play Activity 24 Five Plus Bonds: Addition Building a Wall using the spinner on this game board with the board from Activity 21 Five Plus Bonds: Bonds Building a Wall. This board is easier because it is in consecutive order and has the bond drawn using fingers which is a concrete representation.

After several rounds repeat the game with the pictures of the fingers covered.

Once students are confident using the board with blocks in consecutive order, without the finger pictures, move to Five Plus Bonds: Addition Building a Wall. The blocks on this game are in a random order.


In the next activity students apply five plus bonds to subtraction. Go to

Activity 25

Five Plus Bonds: Subtraction, Building a Wall