58) Fluency Doubles

Doubling and Halving to 20: Filling a Wall

58.1 Fluency Doubles Filling A Wall


Develop fluency with double bonds for the wholes 12, 14, 16, 18.

Prior knowledge of ten plus bonds and part-part-whole is required.


  • double bond: a two-part bond, where both parts are the same
  • double
  • equals as “is”


A little easier

Part-Part-Whole diagrams

Click to download the Double Bonds to 20 Part-Part-Whole Diagrams

These part-part-whole diagrams  can be stuck to the top of student’s desk, as a desk visual, until students are fluent recalling these facts. Students with memory or processing difficulties can benefit from having visuals as permanent prompts.

Click this link to read Teacher Notes for more ideas about “Using Part-Part-Whole Desk Visuals” to support students.

Activity 17

Activity 17, Doubling and Halving to 10: Fluency Doubles Filling A Wall is the same activity but for wholes up to 10. This is significantly easier.


In the next activity, students repeat this fluency activity, but do so using one half of a double bond. Go to

Activity 59

Doubling and Halving to 20: Fluency Halves, Filling A Wall