44) Addition and Subtraction

Ten Plus Bonds: Ten and One

44.1 Addition And Subtraction Ten And One


Develop the concept of using place value to add and subtract ten to two-digit numbers less than 30.


  • addition as “add”
  • subtraction as “subtract”
  • “equals”
  • part-part-whole
  • place value, digit, tens place, ones place
  • left, right


A little easier

Modify the spinner

Develop the concept of add and subtract 10 first. Then focus on adding and subtracting one.

  • Play using only add or subtract 10. Use a dry erase marker on top of the write and wipe sleeve to change the spinner so as there are two add ten and two subtract 10 outcomes.
  • Then play using only add or subtract one. Use a dry erase marker to change the spinner so as there are two add one and two subtract one outcomes.

When the student has developed fluency with these separate skills play the core game. 

Correct block placement

Bond Blocks need to be placed to support place value. The tens on the left and ones on the right. 

Use Bond Blocks with place value arrow cards. Click to download Place Value Arrow Cards.

  • Make the initial number with Bond Blocks and place value arrow cards. 
  • Flick the spinner. 
  • Adjust the blocks and cards accordingly. 
  • Copy the written number from the place value arrow cards onto the score board.  
Rule place value columns

This activity is slightly harder than the previous one because there are no place value columns on the activity board.

  • If placing the blocks correctly using place value is too difficult rule a line on the write and wipe sleeve to create place value columns.
  • As the student increases in confidence erase the line.  

A little harder

Modify the spinner to include 11

Play using add or subtract 10 and 11. Use a dry erase marker on top of the write and wipe sleeve to change the spinner to:

  • -10
  • +10
  • -11
  • +11


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