29) Addition

Bonds of 10: Building a Wall

29.1 Addition Building A Wall


Develop the concept of:

  • The whole number 10 being equal to two parts joined together (two-part bond of five).
  • The commutative property of addition.

Develop fluency using bonds of 10 in addition equations, expressed verbally.


  • addition as “add”
  • equals
  • part-part-whole
  • The Commutative Property of Addition: swapping the order of the parts does not alter the size of the whole.


A little easier

Part-Part-Whole diagrams

Place part-part-whole diagrams next to students, for them to refer to, whilst completing the activity with blocks in a jumbled pile.  These diagrams can be useful supports for students with memory or processing difficulties. 

There are a variety of visuals to chose from.

Click to download this Bonds of 10 Part-Part-whole Desk Visual. It contains two different visuals:
This visual shows all the two-part bonds of 10.

This visual shows the more difficult to remember two-part bonds of 10.

Click to download this Bonds of 10 and Doubles Desk Visual. This version is smaller and can be taped to the back of a ruler for discrete use by students who are older or self-conscious about using visual supports. The bonds of 10 are dark blue to cater for student who are adverse the the chapter colour of pink. It are also contains the most difficult to remember double bonds.  

Click this link to read Teacher Notes for more ideas about “Using Part-Part-Whole Desk Visuals” to support students.


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