28) Fluency

Bonds of 10: Tic-Tac-Toe

28.1 Fluency Tic Tac Toe


Develop the fluency with two-part bonds of 10.


  • addition as “and”
  • equals as “is”


A little easier

Place blocks on the game board

Support students experiencing difficulty by placing blocks on the Part-Part-Whole frame.

For example, spinning 3.

For example, spinning zero.

When using the Part-Part-Whole frame it is important to be clear that the whole on the top row is worth the same as the parts joined underneath. This is NOT a diagram of 10+10=20

For example, spinning zero.

For example, spinning ten.

A little harder

Three-part bonds

Develop fluency with three-part bonds of 10.

An activity for pairs:

  • Player One closes their eyes.
  • Player Two builds a three-part bond of 10, then hides one of the parts.
  • Player One opens their eyes and guesses the hidden block.
  • Player Two returns the block to confirm the guess.
  • Swap roles.


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