Magnetic Bond Blocks

Magnetic Bond Blocks

Make your Bond Blocks magnetic so they stick to whiteboards using one packet of J.Burrows Self-Adhesive Magnetic Strips (40 x 15mm – 50 pack), sold from Office Works.  These magnets are strong enough and sticky enough. You only need one packet. Just peel and stick. I’ve tried several types and found these best. 

  • Use two strips for every Bond Block from 5 to 10, including the Empty Ten Frame Block.
  • Use one strip for Blocks 2, 3 and 4.
  • Cut one magnet in half for the 1 Block. I cut 1mm off each half so it doesn’t stick over the edge of the block.

The example above has an extra magnet in the middle of Block 9 and the Linear 10 Block. You only need this extra strip if you have an old whiteboard that isn’t quite as magnetic as the newer ones. This will leave you one spare magnet out of a packet of 50.

Happy sticking,