Organisation Tips

Click to open link in a new tab Bond Block A4 Avery Labels
21 labels per page. Software label code L7160.

Number Each Set of Blocks

Stick a blue Bond Blocks Avery Label (see above) on the front of each case each box of Bond Blocks and number them. Doing this can help schools keep a record of who has which sets of blocks.

Collate Printed Activity Boards

Classroom teachers who use Bond Blocks as Mental Maths can  organise their printed copies of the A3 Activity Boards in A3 display folders or A3 files with plastic sleeves. Print the boards required for the term. Remember to print:

  • 1x number of students for Individual Activity Boards. For example, 24 of each.
  • Half x number of students for Pair Activity Boards. For example, 12 of each.  

Store one set of activities in each sleeve. Stick the matching coloured Bond Blocks Activity Avery Label (see above) to the plastic sleeve.