18) Fluency Halves

Doubling and Halving to 10: Filling a Wall

18.1 Fluency Halves Filling A Wall


Develop fluency with one half of the wholes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.


  • one half of
  • equals as “is”
  • double bond: a two-part bond, where both parts are the same


A little easier

Represent “one half of” with fingers

Support recall by using fingers to develop fluency with one half of a double bond.

Click this link to read Teacher Notes for more information about using counters and fingers to support learning number bonds. 

A little harder

Activity 59

Students who have completed up to Ten Plus Bonds: Addition and Subtraction Ten and One can complete a similar activity for wholes in the teens. Complete Activity 59 Doubling and Halving to 20: Fluency Halves Filling a Wall.


In the next activity students build on double bonds using the addition strategy of near doubles. Go to

Activity 19

Doubling and Halving to 10: Near Double, Strategy Concept