Counting to 20

Foundation: Book, Activity Cards and Kit

Build the prerequisite skills required for the Bond Blocks Core Kit used for Mental Maths (Years 1 to 3) or Intervention (Years 1 to 6).

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See the features of the book and activity cards.


This is the second book in a two-book series by Narelle Rice and Dr Paul Swan. It contains activities to do with one set of wooden Bond Blocks, to teach numbers to from 10 to 20, using a Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach.

Counting Activities

The teacher led Counting Activities are sequenced to develop counting fluency in conjunction with number line thinking.

Counting forwards 10 to 20:

  • Starting at ten
  • With a missing number
  • From any number
  • Identifying the number after.

Counting backwards from 20 to 10:

  • Starting at twenty
  • With a missing number
  • From any number
  • Identifying the number before

Target skills identified by research as key predictors of difficulties in maths at this stage of development as assessed in early years state testing.

Every activity is:
  • explicit, specifying the mathematics and language
  • explained with easy-to-read graphics
  • ready-to-go with minimal equipment and setup
  • differentiated “a little easier” or “a little harder”
  • linked to the Assessment Counting Skills Checklists

Build place value understanding. Connect the physical materials, spoken word and written numeral for the difficult teens, then up to 30.  

Book Resource Downloads

Click to download printouts required the book:
Activity Boards
Place Value Arrow Cards and Number Cards
Counting Skills Number Cards


Complete every activity in this book with:

  • 1x set of wooden Bond Blocks
  • 1x clear plastic spinner
  • 1x set of connecting 2 cm cubes

These items are not included in the purchase of this book.
They can be purchased separately or together in the Kit.

Counting Skill Checklists
Monitor progress at either a whole class or individual student level.   
Use with Individual Education Plans.
Counting To 20 Images Assessment

Activity Cards

A set of 64 individual cards, printed on high quality card. Use with with one set of wooden Bond Blocks for guided play .

There are 4 types of cards.  Each type increases in difficulty.

Develop fluency completing one type of card, for example ‘a’, before moving onto the next type, for example, ‘b’.

Photocopy for class use or add on the eCard licence to colour print from a pdf.

Click this link to download the 8-page Activity Card Instruction Booklet.


Everything a classroom needs to implement “Counting to 20 with Bond Blocks: Pre-Foundation”.

  • 4x Bond Blocks Sets
  • 2x Math Cubes Packs
  • 1x Round Spinner Pack of five
  • 1x Counting to 20 Book
    (optional eBook add-on)
  • 1x Counting to 20 Activity Cards
    (optional eCards add-on)

This kit enables teachers to work in rotations of up to:

  • 8 students with teacher led Counting Activities (2 students per box of blocks) or
  • 4 students with guided play Activity Cards (1 student per box of blocks) or
  •  4 students with student led Explorative Play (1 student per box of blocks) or
  • Any combination of the above. For example,
    4 students with teacher led Counting Activities and 2 students completing guided play Activity Cards.

Professional Learning

Coming soon: Video professional learning “Introducing Counting to 10 and 20 with Bond Blocks”. Relating the research to the activities. 


The next step is the “Bond Blocks Core Intervention Kit”. This covers every addition and subtraction content descriptor from Years 1 to 3.

Start with the Chapter 2) Bonds of 5: Activity 6 Bonds, Building a Wall

Students who have completed Counting to 10 and Counting to 20 do not need to do the “Bond Blocks Core Kit – Chapter 1 Counting (Activities 1 to 5)” because it is a screener of these skills.