22) Starting at Ten: Using Numbers

Counting Forwards 10 to 20


71.1 Near Ten Strategy 9


  • Develop fluency counting forwards in the correct order from 10 to 20.
  • Identify numbers from 11 to 19 as a two-part bond made of 10 plus a single-digit number.
  • Connect the length of the Bond Blocks, number name and numeral.


  • One longer
  • One more than. Later introduce “one greater than”. For example, “17 is one greater than 16”.
  • One number after.
  • A number is made up of digits in the same way a word is made up of letters. The number 16 is made up of the digits one and six.
  • Place value: The place of a digit in a number determines the digit’s value (worth).
  • In the number 16 the digit one is in the tens place so is worth one ten, ten.
  • The digit six is in the ones place so is worth six ones, six.


A little easier

See the Board 1 from the A Little Easier chapter.

A little harder