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What Is the Bond Blocks System?

The Bond Blocks system has two uses:

  1. Whole class teaching: teaching well initially in order to reduce the number of students who need intervention efforts
  2. Maths Intervention in small groups or with pairs of students to build up foundational skills.

Informed by research using evidence-based methodology, developed by an Australian teacher together with Dr Paul Swan.

Bond Blocks Resources

Pre-Foundation (Age 4 Kindergarten)

These resources systematically target the major predictors of difficulties in mathematics in Pre-Foundation using a Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach.
Extend counting to include number line thinking, identifying the greater of two numbers and missing number sequences including before and after. Includes Assessment Checklists.

Foundation (Age 5 Pre-Primary)

Develop understanding and fluency connecting number names, numerals and quantities for the difficult teen numbers using a Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach.
Extend counting from 10 to 20 and beyond to include number line thinking and missing number sequences including identifying the number before and after. Includes Assessment Checklists.

Mental Maths (Years 1 - 3) &

Maths Intervention Program (Years 1- 6)

Mental Maths for Years 1 to 3

Systematically cover every content descriptor from Year 1 to 3 in addition and subtraction in 8 minutes, three times a week.

Intervention Support System for Years 1 to 6

Intervene to help students move on from counting to addition and subtraction. Use the Bond Block Test for placement and monitoring.
Activities designed to support students with learning disabilities.

Over 100 specific activities

in the Core Intervention Kit

The Bond Blocks Maths Intervention Program is fully sequenced, Australian Curriculum linked and follows a Concrete-Representational-Abstract approach. 

Every activity is completed on one A3 board by an individual student or pair.

Activity boards are reusable and ready-to-go with minimal equipment and setup.

Complete one activity a week. All you need is 8 minutes, 3 times a week. 

Every activity has its own publicly accessible webpage, where the activity is:

  • modelled in a short video for consistent, school wide teaching.
  • explained with specified mathematics and language.
  • differentiated ‘a little easier’ or ‘a little harder’.

The Support:

Teaching Modelled in Video

  • Explicit teaching of the activity
  • Demonstrating to teachers how to link the mathematical manipulative, the language and symbols

Differentiations – Done!

  • Free downloads and website instructions to make the activity a little easier or harder

Activity Instructions,  Assessments, Monitoring, Teacher Notes

Example of an activity video

The Blocks

  • Bond Blocks are not scored, with individual
    unit lines. They are a representational
    manipulative that supports students to
    move from counting to calculating with
  • The length of the block helps student
    develop the concept of a mental number
  • The natural wood, sustainably-sourced New Zealand Pine, reduces distraction of colourful plastic and focuses children on the written numerals.
  • Ten is represented with two different blocks: Linear Ten and an Empty Ten Frame, similar to a ten strip and ten frame.
  • They are a ratio of one unit : 2 cm making them easy to manipulate.
  • They are self-checking, encouraging number sense and estimation.

There’s a lot you can do with just the Blocks themselves and the Bond Blocks Out of the Box book, but the activity boards (included in the Core Intervention Kit) let you do so much more.

An Australian Maths Intervention Program Developed:

  • Based on research
  • With extensive classroom trials and teacher feedback
  • In partnership with Dr Paul Swan (
  • By a Western Australian teacher


Whether you’re a teacher or homeschooling parent you can be sure Bond Blocks will be an effective tool

Just an update on how our school has implemented the Core Intervention Kit. We have assigned a full time maths intervention teacher, who is working predominantly with the program with identified students in our year 3 to 6 cohort. Adding to this we also have several of our support staff engaging in small group work using the program. We have seen an absolute 100% turn around in our students’ confidence, alongside their ability to respond with a deeper understanding of the concepts they have been addressing. It is so heart-warming to see. The program has allowed all the staff involved to see how rich and crucial the concepts are. As a school we are now converts to the value of the Bond Blocks as a mathematical tool that support building strong mathematical foundations, hence our latest purchase to support our year 1/2 students ‘nail’ their understanding of counting and addition and subtraction. Thank you so much for creating such a valuable resource for our students.
Terri T.
Dandenong Primary School, Victoria
"The activities are prescriptive, quick and easy with few materials required. The students particularly like the partner games. I was surprised how quickly I saw student progress. It was obvious in their speed and accuracy. The wooden blocks are the genius element of this program - so simple yet effective. The children can see, touch and manipulate the numbers and see them in relation to each other. I would highly recommend this resource for every K-6 teacher. It is applicable for intervention and core teaching."
Amanda H.
Intervention Teacher
"It’s fun. The blocks are made out of wood with numbers on. You get to build a wall, it’s tricky at first but quite fun when you complete it. I’ve learnt my number bonds of 10, 8, 5, 7, and 6. It wasn’t hard to learn because the activities are games."

Aims of the Bond Blocks Maths Intervention Program

Use the Bond Block System to develop:

  • Fluency with number bonds, leading to recall.
  • Addition and subtraction to 20 and beyond.
  • Robust understandings of addition and subtraction concepts, and relationships between them.
  • Flexible, efficient calculating strategies.
  • Number concepts including place value.
  • Mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

Click to read the short 4 page Information Overview

Take a moment to check out the site

Check out what a lesson looks like or peruse our FAQ. There are also fantastic support materials in our teacher notes section, including a 3-page document asking the question “Is the Bond Blocks Maths Intervention Program evidence-based?” which helps demystify what ‘evidence-based’ does and does not mean.

Or, take a look at what assessment materials you get along with this fantastic maths intervention support program that is now used across Australia.